Why Is It Worth Buying A Telescopic Pool Roof in the UK?

A swimming pool in the garden gives us a lot of joy. It is a place of relaxation, sport and friendly meetings. In the summer it performs the same function as the winter kitchen – sooner or later all our guests will be there. How can the bathing season last even longer? Invest in a high-quality swimming pool retractable roof!

retractable roof systems

You say, "but it's an expense!" Yes, but let me introduce you to some advantages you may not even know.

  • Extension Of The Season

Thanks to the Telescopic Pool Cover, you can extend the bathing season by up to several months a year. With additional water heating, the bathing season can last up to 9 months – from late spring to early autumn. The average water temperature in a covered pool is 6-8 degrees higher!

  • Energy Saving

Polycarbonate is used for the production of Telescopic Pool Roofs. This material is characterized by a very good thermal insulation coefficient. Effectively prevents heat loss, which translates into a reduction in energy consumption needed to maintain an adequate water temperature in our pool. In addition, polycarbonate provides the effect of heat accumulation, which is supplied by solar energy, keeping them in the middle of our roof.

  • Security

Are you afraid that your child or four-legged pet will accidentally fall into the water? If you mount a Telescopic Swimming Pool Roof, you can forget about this problem. The special design prevents accidents, preventing unauthorized persons from using the pool without your permission. You can control who uses your pool and when, by locking all moving segments and doors. You lock and you can sleep peacefully.

As you can see, there are many reasons to invest in a Telescopic Pool Roof. If you decide to buy it, it is worth looking at the company that will make the roofing and see if it has the relevant experience.