What is Energy Modeling & Building Simulation

Energy modeling is the virtual or computerized simulation of a building or complex that focuses on energy consumption, utility bills, and life cycle costs of various energy-related items such as air conditioning, lights, and hot water.

It is also used to evaluate the payback of green energy solutions like solar panels and photovoltaics, wind turbines, and high-efficiency appliances. You can contact www.syp-urban.com/servicios/simulacion-energetica-y-termodinamica to get building energy simulation services.

Building Simulation

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To understand the energy modeling, it is important to know the building simulation process:

Simulation of a building is the method of making use of a computer to create a digital replica of a structure. In simple words, the structure is constructed using its components on a computer, and it is then simulated by putting the building through the various weather conditions that occur during the entire year.

In a sense, the building simulation process is an effective method of predicting the future, and therefore can be of immense significance. Building simulation is typically classified into two groups which are Load Design and Energy-Analysis. The term used for building simulations where energy is used is Energy-modeling.

How do I create an energy model or building simulation?

To model an actual building using a computer, the correct software is required. There are hundreds of choices.

The software can be learned in a brief amount of time, however, it will take several years to master (just as other worthwhile things).

Design is used to determine: Air conditioning loads, Airflow volumetric needs, Capacity of equipment, Supply temperatures.