The Essential Kitchen Appliance- Induction Hobs

Induction hobs have quickly become the standard for commercial kitchens as well as homes around the world. Induction hobs offer many advantages over traditional electric element hotplates, and they are increasingly competitive with gas cookers.

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how good are induction hobs,

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Induction cooking is still a relatively new technology. Induction appliances are more expensive than equivalent gas units due to the advanced technology. Large domestic corporations have only recently gotten hold of this technology, and they’ve begun to reduce the unit cost and implement the technology into affordable consumer products.

Induction cooking is simple science. An electromagnetic coil embedded in a ceramic glass cooktop is turned on, and a ferrous pot is placed on top. The heat production stops immediately after the pot is taken off. 

This is why you need to understand that any non-ferrous object, such as a ceramic plate or your hands, coming in contact with the cooking surface will cause no heat even if it’s turned on. This alone is a major safety advantage of induction over gas and electric hobs.

Induction hobs are superior energy-efficient than all other cooking methods. Yes… even gas! Gas hobs are efficient at 50-60%, but they waste nearly half of the energy due to poor conductivity. Gas cookers can also cause an explosion if there is a leak or if the gas supply is accidentally turned off after use. Gas hobs heat instantly without waiting for the hotplate to heat up. 

Induction hobs offer instant heating and precise temperature control. An induction hob is capable of doing everything a gas hob cannot. They are 90% efficient so it’s hard to find any negatives!