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towing services Calgary

The cheapest way to hire the towing services in Calgary

Towing is extremely important these days. It is most often not possible to predict when a car will stop working entirely that leaving the driver stranded on the road for several hours. In these circumstances, hauling heavy equipment and towing companies in Calgary will come to your rescue to help you out of this situation as quickly as possible.

There are several individuals who have the misconception that towing is an expensive service and, as an outcome, then try calling a friend for the tow instead of the professionals when they require the towing services in Calgary. But, it is not true entirely. There are several towing companies offering affordable, quick, reliable towing services.

You should always be aware of a few factors that affect the cost of towing your vehicles. Continue reading our guide to learn more about these factors.


The distance that is to be covered by the tow truck should be considered. How far your towing destination is from there? You are expected to pay more for the emergency towing services if you are traveling more distance. Mileage charges would apply for almost every type of tow. The hook-up fee is mainly in the initial few kilometers.


It is nothing about the distance that is involved with towing. The services will be costing less if your vehicle is accessed easily compared to the difficulty at reaching. You may have to get your vehicle towed if it is stuck in a narrow stretch of the road or in a ditch. You will require more people and equipment to handle such issues. Furthermore, it will take a long time to hook up. The factors here would lead to significantly higher costs.

Time of Day

The cost of labor and the time of the day are both linked closely if this is the case. You will be charged more if you need emergency towing service at night. The towing companies are required to pay more to workers working overnight or late at night. The salaries are adjusted by the cost of towing. You will be charged more than if it were during the day if you are calling them at night.

There are several companies charging a holiday rate for the towing services that are generally a bit more than the usual standard fee.

Vehicle Size

The cost involved with the towing service will depend on the kind of vehicle. Heavy-duty hauls are generally more costly than light or medium tows. Heavy-duty vehicles would often need special equipment as well as tow trucks.

Vehicle Status

It will make things easier for the crew at the towing service company if your vehicle is in better condition. But, it can be hard to tow without additional equipment or workers if your vehicle is in bad condition, such as after an accident. It will be resulting inexpensive charges. There are other issues, including flat or cracked tires, large tires, broken windows, or a low profile.

Vehicle Maintenance Costs

The towing vehicles are costlier and need regular maintenance work. The companies should be paying for the start-up expenses, including the maintenance costs as well as the insurance premiums. These costs all add up. There is a part of the final costs for towing your vehicle since their customers are covered.

Other Considerations

The initial tow truck that arrives on the scene does not have the right to tow your car. You can decide on the one who tows it and where. You have the required option to get your car towed out to your repairer, your home, a storage unit, and even your destination as instructed by the insurer. It is worth considering when you have your car towed back to your house as it will offer you the time required for speaking with your insurer and making decisions without being under pressure.

It is quite important to understand the factors that would affect the bill for towing Calgary services so that you do not get involved in any disputes when it is the time to pay. There are several towing companies offering you affordable rates along with effective services all at the same time.