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swimming pool enclosure

The Complete Solar Pool Cover Guide

The solar cover increases the water temperature in your pool. This provides a two-fold advantage: The solar pool cover not only absorbs sunlight like a "thermal blanket", but also heats the water through small air gaps. You can also browse this site to buy the best solar pool cover for your pool.

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Here are some benefits of solar pool cover:

Easier pool cleaning

The solar cover acts as a wall between your pool and the outside components. As such, they preserve your clear water from leaves, dirt, and debris around the deck. They directly reduce the number of cleaning sessions you have to do as they prevent dirt contamination before it becomes a problem.

If you clean the pool by hand, that's a good thing. Why waste extra time scooping out grass and twigs when you can protect your pool from unwanted materials in the first place?

Cheaper chemical treatment

As your water evaporates, the chemicals in the pool break down. Many homeowners often have to adjust their chemicals because of this completely preventable factor.

By keeping the water in your pool covered, you can decrease its evaporation by up to 95 percent. When translated into lower chemical requirements in the pool, this decreases evaporation rate can result in additional savings of up to 50% in chemical treatment costs.