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Microblading In Bridgend

Skin Types To Look Before Microblading In Bridgend

Combination Skin

Combination skin will feel hydrated throughout your t-zone. Your t-zone is across your brows horizontally, and down the center of your face vertically. Your cheek area will feel drier and may experience some flaking.

Combination skin tends to heal like normal or slightly oily skin since it is common for the eyebrow area to be on the oilier side. For all other permanent makeup (eyeliner, lips) skin will heal like the normal skin type. You can also visit to get microblading in Bridgend.

Sensitive Skin

Clients with sensitive skin will know that they have sensitive before they come in. If you are unsure then you probably do not have sensitive skin.

We’ve added this category because this skin type does heal differently than others. Someone with sensitivity may experience slight pinkness that can last several days, or weeks, longer than it would for other types. They also may experience some slight swelling on the day of the procedure which is not typical for other skin types.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is naturally more hydrated and supple. It tends to age very nicely however excess oil may clog pores more quickly. Very oily skin is also prone to larger pores.

Oily skin will heal the softest. microblade hair strokes will heal more powdery as opposed to the dry skin type for example who’s microblading will heal very crisp. How oily your skin is will make a difference. 

Slight oiliness will heal more like normal skin, while extremely oily skin will heal much softer and the color will be more spread out. A well-trained microblading artist will know to place the strokes farther apart on a client with oily skin to minimize how much the hair strokes spread into each other once healed.