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What Is The Purpose Of The HIE System?

If you understand the basics of HIE (exchange of health information) you must also understand the purpose of the system. The purpose of the HIE system is to comply with the transmission, access, and retrieval of health information.

This information is not only sent, accessible, and available on time, but also efficiently, effectively, and fairly. The HIE system is designed for security as a priority for the transfer, access, and retrieval of clinical information.

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In addition, patient-centered care is one of the main reasons for the development of an HIE system. Therefore, it is used in public health care facilities and private health care facilities as a tool for analyzing population health.

What are the main challenges for the HIE system?

If you understand the HIE system and HL7 interface, you can make an overall system assessment based on a good understanding of the challenges involved.

The main challenge for the HIE system is the implementation challenge to create or design a standardized, reliable, and operable model to achieve its objectives.

The goal model is reliable, reliable, sustainable, reliable, and the patient is very important.

Although the HIE system is expected to help improve the overall quality of patient care, if it is not implemented adequately, its implementation will hamper unless the desired improvement is canceled. In addition, applying bugs in the HIE system can even contribute to higher health costs.