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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing – Building a Healthy Corporate Culture

Managers and business owners often ask me if I believe they should have workplace alcohol and drug testing programs. Behind their sincere eyes, I see a level of stress and I quickly identify their reason for asking me: They have a drug screening policy but don't have a program.

They also know that a policy that is not implemented or enforced can lead to unpredictable consequences. So I suggest that they act quickly, if the subtle stress in their demeanor indicates a problem in their workplace, moving to implement an workplace drug and alcohol testing program is imperative.

Employer Liability for Drug or Alcohol Abuse

I feel even more stressed when I reply to these employers explaining to them that they may be liable for injuries or damages caused by employees with drug impairments. It could happen right now," I reply. "It could occur while you're in a meeting, driving to work, or sleeping at home." The policy's value is null if it is not backed up with drug testing procedures. 

Drugs, alcohol, and employer anxiety

Employers dealing with these issues may feel anxious. Workplace drug and alcohol testing can help eliminate this anxiety. Employers will find it easier to implement workplace drug and alcohol testing than they think. Many companies offer quick and non-intrusive saliva testing services to employers. Employers can avoid the stress of employee drug abuse by operating a business. However, drug testing can only be a part of a healthy workplace.