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DJI FPV lens

ALL About FPV Accessories

DJI has made its standard accessories available including an extra drone battery for FPV as well as FPV Propellers and props guards, and a replacement for the Goggles battery for FPV, along with a Fly FPV More kit.

However, there's a brand new gadget that we believe is essential. It is the latest DJI Motion Controller. It is a brand new idea in the field of aircraft control that makes flights more comfortable and easier as it functions in the same manner as game controllers. You can also check this site to buy FPV lenses.

This is the first time release from DJI with directional points as well as tilting, squeeze control, and side-to-side motion control. We highly recommend this for taking the experience to a higher level. It's unfortunate that it's not included within the Combo kit. 

First Person View drones are increasing in popularity because pilots feel more connected with the landscapes that their drones are taking. It is logical to have a bird's eye perspective as we fly over landscapes and courses, placing us in the aircraft.

DJI has made significant investments in technology to make sure that the transmission of photos from drones to pilots is quick and clear. 

They also provide the most natural-looking view. They've made a great job too, with high definition, low latency, and long-distance transmission, which also is equipped with strong anti-interference features. 

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