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Culture Of The Mind Must Be Subservient To The Heart.

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Bible Timeline

Great Stories Of Miracles In The Bible That Everybody Has Heard Of

It is no great surprise that the Bible is filled with stories of miracles. Some of the old agreements, and some new. They tried to show the importance of God's love for mankind and mercy. You can get more information about bc and ad chronology via online sources.

The Bible is more than just a great collection of stories handed down by word of mouth. It also serves to force people to begin to turn away from false religions to practice Christianity. One famous story is where Jesus cast a legion of demons from a man that he has. 

The man is described as walking through the hills, easily violating the rope used to hold him, and screaming wildly. This short story shows how the demon was scared of Jesus who only eliminates him with a few simple words.

The Bible stands as the supreme constitution for all mankind

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Other stories are generally told to help illustrate how powerful God and how only he can destroy those who decided to defy his orders, is sent to the ten plagues of Egypt. There are many different theories as to how this may occur naturally. 

Despite what some skeptics want to believe, there is historical evidence that actually supports and proves that this is really happening. One of the miracles of Jesus were witches trying to duplicate even as he walked on the water. 

Although there are many stories of miracles of the Bible there is one that stands out from all the others. It is so short that many people often forget about it. The first verse in the Bible when God said, let there be light. At that moment everything that ever will be created and it is the greatest miracle of all.