How To Remove Heavy Metals From Water

There has been a lot of concern recently about lead-contaminated water. Several worrying reports about high levels of lead in drinking water have been published since the Flint, Michigan disaster, in which residents were exposed to lead in their drinking water. 

There are several other destructive heavy metals such as lead. Essential metals such as cobalt, copper, manganese, and zinc are also undesirable in high concentrations. You can also get information about heavy metal testing service via

Heavy Metal Testing

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How can you get rid of heavy metals in your water?

If you are connected to a public water provider, the first thing to do is to get the latest Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) from your utility. This way you get an overview of the water from the sewage treatment plant. 

Knowing the quality of the water that leaves the plant is only part of the picture. There is still a whole distribution system before it reaches your home. Then you have to evaluate your piping system.

The benefit of a filter that can remove heavy metals is that more is removed. These devices are often a multi-stage system that filters heavy metals along with chlorine, fluorine, bacteria, and viruses.

You can get one system for the whole house, or you can use one device for drinking and cooking. The whole house is connected to the main water supply pipe leading into the house.