How To Find The Best Pool Hoist In Australia For Your Needs

It is not easy for the elderly or people with disabilities to go to the swimming pool. It's the perfect way to relax, instill a sense of freedom, and remove the effects of gravity on the body, but those with special needs face many barriers to getting into the water.

For many, accessing a swimming pool or mineral spring is nearly impossible without an elevator. Pool lifters are the simplest and most cost-effective solution to fit into any swimming pool without any complicated construction work. You can also look for the kingfisher pool hoist at

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The Mobility System has a variety of pool lifts to suit different levels of disability so you can get back in the water and enjoy the summer sun.

Different Types Of Swimming Pools

Icefish Pool: The Kingfisher Poollift has a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 150kg and features manual float control, raised armrests for easy movement, and removable or adjustable footrests. For safety, Kingfisher Pool Hoist also offers a lap belt to avoid the risk of falling into the water. Refillable and easy to install, it is a good choice for those who plan to visit the local pool regularly.

Pelican Swimming Pool: Due to their mobility, Pelican pool lifts are suitable for use in public swimming pools, recreation centers, private homes, nursing homes, and schools. This lift can be easily moved from one area to another without the need for manual lifting.