How Digital Freight Networks Can Increase Visibility?

Digital Freight Networks (DFNs) also known as digital shipping brokers that serve as online matchmakers, bringing together shippers and carriers with available capacity. 

The idea of exchanging goods is that consumers express an interest in the transportation of various types of goods both in terms of their shipping needs and the execution of these shipments. You can learn more about digital freight networks by visiting

digital networks

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Some may seek driver assistance while others need to deliver goods. Exchange users typically travel by road when making simple deliveries. Some of them drive minibusses, others travel in large articulated trucks. Large shipping companies often use this type of vehicle. 

They invest in essential fleets and dispatch qualified drivers for various tasks. Some of these companies specialize in delivering furniture and household goods to private customers and others provide transportation of manufactured goods to warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

The majority of workers who use the exchange of goods actually rely on the use of the congested roads. However, there are some who enjoy an alternative way of life, transporting goods through a network of canals. 

These platforms connect millions of shippers and carriers worldwide through one central platform, saving shippers money, increasing revenue for drivers, improving user experience and reducing carbon emissions. 

Get access to a large network of trusted carriers worldwide simply by signing up for free on multiple sending platforms. Optimize your supply chain with instant quotes, real-time tracking and 24/7 access to trusted carriers.

Shippers can have end-to-end visibility throughout the distribution process, from access to actual fleet capacity and availability to instant pricing, automatic loading status updates, and proof of delivery. Streamline and simplify your sales today.