Get To Know About The Future Direction of Office and Office 365

Office 365 is a Microsoft cloud subscription service that provides a suite of Microsoft Office applications as well as other services such as OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage solution, for a fixed monthly fee. 

It's been around since 2011 when it replaced the Business Productivity Online Suite or BPOS, which was aimed at corporate customers. It is now really easy to get the best office 365 training at Directions Training.

Microsoft teases its future Office UI - The Verge

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Office 365 is aimed at every Office user and is a much bigger step in Microsoft's "Mobile First, Cloud First" strategy than previous BPOS. There are three for-profit editions, three editions for small and medium-sized businesses, and several editions for business. 

Each differs slightly in price, feature set, and number of devices that can be used per user to provide the flexibility Microsoft customers need. And each has 1 TB of personal cloud storage in the cloud, courtesy of Microsoft OneDrive. This is a better choice for any home or business user than buying Office software licenses, and unless policy changes are currently unpredictable, Microsoft will sell most of its products in the future.

There will be no older models with long development cycles and monolithic software editions (Windows 7, Office 2013), which will cost a lot of money to change upgrade licenses and the hassle of upgrading devices and training staff and employees every few years where is the new monthly subscription model with mobile updates and integrated support services.