Get Safety And Beauty Combined With Deck Railings

Deck Railings Are A Necessity

Deck railings are required in most cases due to building codes. You can face lawsuits and fines if you don't follow building codes. You can save yourself unnecessary harassment and financial loss by adding Easy & Beautiful Aluminum Deck Railings to your deck. 

Deck and Building Codes

There are many building codes that vary depending on where you live. However, most have a law that states that decks that exceed 3 feet from the ground, or any other horizontal surface, must be protected from falling. 

Although a wall is acceptable to prevent falling, it can block your view. This is an expensive way to comply with the building code. It does not make you safer than deck railing.

Deck Design Ideas

Deck railings are important for safety, but they can add personality and visual interest to your home and deck. Multicolored railings can create a unique look that will catch the eye. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as aluminum, PVC, and wood. Or you could combine them all.


Two things are important when installing railings. These are:

1. Railing Height: This will be determined by your local building codes. The minimum height is 30 inches. However, you can check with your local building commission or city to confirm.

2. Railing Construction: You will need to place your posts according to the building codes. A deck must have several components. These include a top rail, vertical rail, and bottom rail. The bottom rail makes the railing appear more complete.