Everything About Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) was introduced in 2012. Amazon Marketing Services is a self-service advertising solution for keyword-targeted ad campaigns. Available to nearly all vendor brands, 

Amazon marketing assistance in London offers brands the ability to tailor their Amazon ad spend with targeted ads that will appear where potential customers are most likely to see them. There are mainly three Amazon Advertising formats:-

Amazon Marketing Services AMS - Marketing Agency

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·    Amazon sponsored products ads: you choose the product that you want to advertise along with the keywords and daily budget, With a Sponsored Product ad. After that, you can compete with other vendors to win placement, based on the keyword bids you offer. Sponsored Products are featured within keyword search results in the Amazon store.

 ·    Amazon headline search ads: Allow a vendor to feature multiple products (three or more) within a single ad that runs across the top of a search results page. The vendor creates a headline, selects the products to feature, and then selects the landing page where shoppers will visit should they click on the ad (typically a brand page or a page featuring specific products). This type of ad is used not only to sell products but to increase general brand awareness. The minimum cost-per-click is $0.10 For Headline Search Ad campaigns, the minimum campaign budget is $100, and the minimum per-day budget is $1.

·    Amazon product display ads: You can target either a general customer interest or specific products to have your product featured to your potential customers, with a Product Display Ad. The vendor creates a headline and inserts a logo to make the creative more eye-catching. The minimum cost-per-click is $0.02 For Product Display Ad campaigns, the minimum campaign budget is $100, and the minimum per-day budget is $1.