What are the roles and responsibilities of Scrum Master?

Scrum Master is often viewed as a leader of the team, who guides and nurtures the team to achieve its goals. The SAFe Scrum Master  would do everything possible to ensure the team's peak performance. 

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Scrum Master is usually a former project manager, but not limited to these roles.

He may work with one or more teams at any given time.

Scrum clearly defines the role of Scrum Master. Additionally, there are special training opportunities offered by Scrum. He does not have to be a full-time Scrum Master for every team.

There may be other responsibilities or duties that he has, but he would still be playing the part of Scrum Master. An external consultant may be needed until Scrum is completely mastered. A good S.M should be proactive, not reactive.

Scrum Masters are responsible for the following:

1. Eliminating outside distractions from the team.

2. Facilitating team meetings and achieving consensus.

3. Remove all impediments, both internal and external, that hinder a team's progress.

4. Assisting the team with setting goals and working towards them.

5. Keep the project in balance with key stakeholders and the team.

6. Facilitate meetings

7. Assists the product owner with maintaining the product backlog.

8. This protects the team from external and internal stakeholders. It also ensures that the team does not become complacent.

9. He works closely with the technical team to execute the technical practices at the end of each sprint.

10. He makes sure that team members are held accountable for their commitments.

11. Construction of the Release Plan

12. Construction of the Scrum/Iteration Plan.