Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Human Hair Wig In Toronto

High-quality wigs are tightly packed with hair and therefore contain more strands normally found on the average person's scalp. As a result, hair tends to tangle regularly. It's reasonable to assume that a hairbrush is the easiest way to remove a wig from human hair, but brushes should be avoided as they overload the joint between the base of the wig and the lock of hair. 

Always use a wide-toothed comb (softer on hair) and comb from the ends of your hair to avoid accidentally pulling the precious (and expensive!) strands of hair. You can also buy high quality hair toppers for women from various online resources.

Wash with specially formulated wig condition or shampoo. Many people believe that ordinary shampoo and conditioner are suitable for their human hair wigs, but unfortunately, the finished product can contain ingredients that can affect the quality of the wig. 

Always use a specially formulated wig conditioner, and shampoo, and follow the manufacturer's directions.

Never use hot or boiling water to wash human hair from your wig. Water that is too hot can negatively affect the quality of your human hair wig, so always use warm water when washing.

Never squeeze or dry your wig quickly as you may accidentally untangle the strands. Excess water works best with fabrics made of natural fibers, such as cotton or silk.