Tips For Applying Innovative Methods Of Robot-Assisted Instruction

Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) is an innovative instructional tool that is creating countless opportunities for children with disabilities, especially those on the autism spectrum! MOVIA Robotics’ RAI system is helping parents, educators, and therapists provide better learning environments for children.

Children with autism may struggle with social situations, including developing friendships and interacting with others. Communication and learning may be difficult as well. MOVIA’s RAI system assists parents and their children in navigating many of these learning and social hurdles. 

The MOVIA robots especially guide children to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs with others, through a unique learning opportunity: learning from robots!

Robot-Assisted Instruction For Children With Autism

The MOVIA RAI system creates an exciting learning experience for the child. The child interacts directly with a robot, while the parent or facilitator oversees each learning session. Each social interaction with the robot is a step, or a building block, for the child who may fear or avoid such social situations with others. 

The robot is consistent, predictable, and non-judgmental so that the child feels safe and secure in this unique learning environment. The continued predictability builds confidence and comfort, allowing room to learn and practice social skills, as well as acquire academic knowledge. Ultimately these new skills are generalized and are able to be transferred to the child’s daily interactions. 

MOVIA’s RAI system not only assists a child in developing social skills but also builds academic knowledge and life skills. MOVIA’s curriculum touches a wide range of knowledge areas and skills, following educational best practices and effective teaching strategies.

These areas include language arts, math, science, social studies, fine arts, and health, along with learning readiness, activities for daily living, and lessons geared towards social and emotional learning. Every interaction with the robot is an opportunity for learning in a fun and innovative way through DTIs, lessons, games, and interactive role-plays.