The Housing Market in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The capital of Alberta and the second-largest city in the region, Edmonton can be described as a true paradise, prides itself on being the seat of government, culture, and education in the region. Aptly nicknamed “The City of Festivals,” Edmonton plays host to many holiday events throughout the year, which is another reason why the housing market in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is stronger than ever despite the recent recession.

The real estate market in the region has also experienced various ups and downs without showing any signs of decreasing demand for housing in Edmonton. However, you will find that the housing market in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is absolutely full of beautiful homes for sale. 

Finding suitable homes & condos for sale in Edmonton Alberta can often be very difficult..The housing market in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is equally diverse with condominiums, single-family homes and luxury accommodations abounding in the bustling and bustling city of Edmonton.

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Above-average home prices haven’t held back the enthusiasm of aspiring home builders. Looking at recent statistics shows that home sales have more than doubled in recent years. The rising Canadian dollar, combined with rising real estate prices in Edmonton, makes it very profitable for American citizens to buy real estate as an investment.

Buying a home in Edmonton has become a popular choice for many as the city is booming economically as it’s gas and oil fields support a relatively sparse population of 740,000 eccentrics. Although Edmonton is known as the oil capital of Canada, Edmonton’s economy is made up of multiple components and is more than adequate to sustain the style of its inhabitants.