Tattoos And You: Tips To Protect Yourself

You finally decide to get caught and get a tattoo and wonder if your decision was right. Getting a tattoo is like making a statement to the world, a statement that will remain a part of you forever.

First, you need to decide on a tattoo design and find a good tattoo artist. Do some research to see if the design reflects what you want to convey and if there is no other hidden meaning. It is also very important for tattoo studios to take all necessary precautions to avoid infection and cross-contamination.

The area where the tattoo artist works should also be very clean and sterile. It must be covered with a waterproof barrier like tattoo petroleum jell even after complete disinfection. Ideally, the work area should be disinfected after each tattoo.

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The pigment to be used must be poured and prepared before starting the process. Ointment and petroleum jelly should also be available. All tools and instruments used must be sterile and easily accessible to avoid cross-contamination.

Gloves should not be made of latex, as Vaseline can easily damage latex gloves. All disposable items must be disposed of after the procedure. Make sure that any needles and tubes you use are disposed of during your stay.

If you do your research well and go to a studio that has strict safety practices, your tattoo session can be a very safe experience.