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stormwater drains

What Are Stormwater Drains And The Cause Of A Blocked Drain?

It is important that you know what stormwater drains are and where they are located in your home. These are metal grates that you can find on the side of your sidewalk or near a gutter, but if you've designed your home from scratch, you've probably been asked where they are. Maybe you have one on your lawn or in your driveway.

After a storm, heavy rain, or heavy snow, water can collect on the ground and cause various types of damage. This is where stormwater comes in. By dissipating water from roofs, downspouts, and lawns, they help preserve your property by preventing flooding. Stormwater drains carry excess water into local waterways and bodies of water, but in order for them to work properly, you need to ensure that your stormwater drains are not blocked. You can avail services of a plumber to remove blocked stormwater drains.

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What can cause a blocked drain?

There are several reasons why stormwater can be clogged. For example, if your area experienced heavy rains and storms, it is not uncommon for drains to be filled with mud and debris. Additionally, high winds can bring plastic bottles, wrappers, and other garbage that is not properly disposed of. If these materials continue to accumulate in the pipes, they will prevent water from flowing freely down the drain and you will have a flooded area on your hands.

Many people dispose of cooking grease by flushing it down the drain. Since these substances can stick to the sides of pipes, you will eventually run into a clog. Also, a problem with storm water drainage can occur due to poor installation services. If installed by unqualified persons, the pipes can become misaligned and even fail completely, which can lead to a drainage problem and possible flooding.