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Public Adjusting Pros and Cons

Is public adjustment a fraud? It can sometimes be a scam, but it can also be very beneficial. These are some tips on public adjusters generally.

1. You must have a valid claim for the first party (a claim against your own company) Public adjusters represent policyholders against their insurance company. Although they should be highly qualified, public adjusters are required to have a license in most states. You can also search online to hire a public insurance agent in Decatur.

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However, in certain states, it is illegal to act as a public adjustment. An adjuster will help you negotiate and do all the legwork so you get the most out of your policy.

2. Assess the value of your claim. Although the cost of this service can vary, if you hire an ethical adjuster, it should be worthwhile. If your claim is less than $5000.00 they should be able to explain the possible loss that you will incur by using adjusting services. 

An adjuster typically charges around 10% of the claim amount, which would mean that a claim worth $5000.00 would cost approximately $500.00. If they are unable to increase your claim value by a minimum of their fee, it is only natural to conclude that the service they offer is not worth the cost.

3. Learn about the laws governing public adjusters in your state. You should verify that they have the proper license if a license is necessary.

4. Ask for a copy of the policy of liability insurance from the adjuster. Run if they don't possess one.