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How to Use Pins on the Pinboard in Your Interior Design Business?

Are you looking for a creative way to use pins on your interior design business Pinterest board? Here are a some clever tips: 

Use pins to create a mood board. When creating a mood board, try incorporating different pins that represent the style you're targeting. This will help you get an idea of the look you want your client's rooms to have. You can also learn how to work with advertising on pinterest to build a successful interior design social media site by visiting at

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Use pins to showcase your latest project. If you have a recent project that you'd like to show off, pin it and include a brief description of what the project is and how it was completed. This will give individuals browsing your board the opportunity to see what you're up to and potentially contact you about completing a similar project. 

Use pins to promote upcoming events or classes. If there is an event or class that you would like to promote, pinned it prominently on your board. This will help draw people in and potentially sign them up for information about the event or class. 

Use pins to promote your website. If you're running a website, pin it on your board for easy access by your visitors. This will help keep people informed about new content that you're posting, which can help to build interest in visiting and possibly subscribing to your site. 

Use pins to promote charities or causes that are dear to your heart. Instead of pinning random things on your Pinterest board if the cause is important enough, pin it and include a brief description of the cause and why you support it. This will add another dimension of meaning and emotion when browsing your boards too.