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Know About The Difference Between Car Waxing And Car Polishing in Westlake Village

Both polishing and waxing serve completely different purposes and are required at different times. 

Polishing is the tedious process of removing defects from your paint job. Waxing is the protective coating applied as the last step. While many drivers would rather skip polishing and just get a wax, it won't fix a poor paint job.

If a driver wants the best possible paint job, polishing might be necessary before waxing. There are many paint jobs that have serious defects that wax can't cover. Even a brand-new car will require paint correction after one wash. If you want to get the services of car paint correction in Westlake Village, then you can browse the web.

car paint correction

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Untreated cars can have swirls, scratches, and air contamination. Waxing is best used as a temporary solution. The defects that remain on a contaminated paint job will not be glossed after the wax compound has worn off. Claying and/or polishing with acid is required to properly remove paint job defects.

Abrasives are any substance or instrument that can "cut" your vehicle's paint job and smoothen out the imperfections. A vehicle comes with one coat of paint on it when it is new. The topcoat can become damaged over time by scratches, swirls, and other scrapes, leaving visible dips in it.

Paint correction is necessary to correct the paint job. This can be done using abrasives like car polish, clay bars, or sandpaper.