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Knowing All About Sanitary Napkins And Pads

Sanitary pads or sanitary napkins are absorbent pads made of cotton and cellulose. They are worn by women during menstruation. This menstrual pad is made of disposable material and is absorbent and absorbs menstrual flow.

Tampons are also used during the menstrual cycle; It is made of cotton or other absorbent material which absorb body fluids. Different types of sanitary pads and sanitary napkins:

sanitary pads

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Panty Liner – Designed to absorb for daily discharge to relieve menstrual blood, light enuresis, and "spots".

Ultra-Thin – This is a very thin sanitary napkin or a very thin bandage that can be used regularly as needed. Most women prefer these pads because of their small size.

Normal – This is a medium-grade hygiene pad designed to be used regularly during the menstrual cycle.

Maxi / Super – These are larger pads that are effective at the start of the menstrual period when blood flow is greater.

Night – This is a longer dressing for sanitary napkins that provides more protection when the user lies down. The size is slightly longer than ordinary sanitary napkins. This night sleep pad has an absorbent material that is perfect for night use.

In addition to these sanitary napkins and sanitary pads, you can also get menstrual pants for the menstrual period. You can easily buy this product from a medical supply store near you or, if you prefer, order it from an online store.