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All About DCs Superhero Superman Comics

In 1992, the world of comics underwent one of the most important days in its history. It was the day on which one of the best comics ever written in any genre, the battle of Superman versus Doomsday. Graphic novels dropped in history as marketing, mouth-to-mouth advertising, and all the media talked about and promoting it. No doubt, the death of Superman is epic.

It can be remembered that at the time of superman comics as death is not everyday events. The death of Superman Saga has many criticisms and praise. Among the critics are complaints about this mysterious enemy that no one knows about and, without speaking, without explanation, without anything, killing the biggest hero of all time. You can read about all of it on Strip Web.

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Fortunately for nerds who always need an explanation, there is an interesting sequel, Hunter Prey where we know the origin and his relationship with Krypton. Doomsday also returned to other sagas and even starred in their own animated film, Superman vs. Doomsday.

Back to the series itself, not only doomsday in Superman's death, he then has some specials called "funeral for a friend," where all the heroes gather to commemorate the sad death of Boy Scout like he is often known for his firm morality and staunch, and this was followed by an interesting story, "Supmen government," where four new characters are claimed to be a new Superman.

Of course, while these four superman’s produce hatred and love, finally true and only Kal-El who lives, with long hair and black suit in epic transformation. Apparently he didn't really die, but his body experienced so much damage so he became a coma to recover. This series marked a new stage in comics and also for all who read at that time. It changes the invincible paradigm of character, creating new and fertile land.