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Misting Fan

Enjoy The Refreshing Spray Of A Misting Fan

A mist fan is usually attached to a garden hose to spray small droplets of water while blowing cool air. They are commonly popular for outdoor parties, sporting events, sunbathing, and more.  Fog hubs often contain spray nozzles to distribute spray evenly which easily adds much-needed moisture to hot, dry outdoor conditions. This cool box is great for parties when the heat is unbearable but a lot of people need to be outside. 

Our mist blowers have an oscillating feature that directs the spray over a wider area, which is useful during these times when dehydration and heatstroke occur. This fan can actually cool an area up to 25 degrees, and lower the ambient humidity the more the fan can cool. However, if you are also looking for such a great outdoor cooling system then visit

The Top 5 FAQs about Misting Systems - Koolfog

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The mist fan is made of high-quality material, which ensures no noticeable moisture spikes, but a cooling effect that gives you a better feeling without staying wet or damp. When you introduced your new device, did you imagine that tiny water droplets would collect on your skin and form a wet and uncomfortable layer? 

Well, that's not the case. This particular cooling product emits a small amount of water. These droplets evaporate before they reach your skin! High-quality fog fans are the best solution for industrial or outdoor workspaces. 

This fog cooling device is guaranteed to deliver results and you'll feel magically refreshed without using up a lot of energy! Treat yourself to the luxury of real cooling with a mist fan!