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All About Single Pass NATO Straps

What are single-pass NATO straps?

Single-pass NATO straps don't have the flap at the rear, consequently, they're technically not NATO straps however they are constructed out of the same nylon and can appear like. Continue reading to know about single-pass NATO watch strap ((In Norwegian “kjpe klokkerem”).

kjpe klokkerem

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What's the advantage of a single pass NATO?

"Single-pass" NATO's are becoming more and more popular because they are made of just one fabric layer between the watch and the wearer's wrist.

This is because they permit the watch to be positioned close to your wrist.

You're probably employing your "double-loop" method when you wear your NATO strap

There is a "Double-loop" is considered to be the "standard" method for making use of straps made of NATO strap, and it could cause watches to sit up quite high.

Make use of using the "single loop" method if you would like your watch to sit more closely to your wrist

"Single Loop" is a method that uses this technique it is just the one nylon layer that is between the device and the wrist, so the watch is positioned lower.

"Single Pass" straps – a trend or are they here to stay?

If you're looking to lower the height at which your watch is positioned and you think that single-pass straps are the only solution, think twice. Use the 'single pass' method with your NATO strap and save yourself the hassle of buying a new strap.