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Tuckpointing Mortar Joints in Historic Buildings

Mortar joints are typically damaged over the years due to the changing seasons and the cycles of wetting and freezing. This is especially true for older structures in which the mortar and brick joints tend to be less durable. You can also click on for the best Sydney tuckpointing services.

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The mortar joints can be repaired by repointing, which involves the removal of the damaged mortar to make room for the new one. This is not suitable for novices however it will require a large amount of knowledge and expertise about the best way it is done to ensure that the mortar matches the one used in the initial.

When is the appropriate time to redo the point?

Repointing should start at the point where the mortar joints are damaged or exposed to the elements for a distance of half or more, or when the mortar has shrunk to the major areas of the brick. 

Certain older types of lime-based mortars, even though fragile, are strong structurally because they were made from lime-based mortars. It isn't usually required to completely repoint all mortar joints in an old structure instead, but to repoint only the areas that are damaged making sure to keep the original colors as well as the composition and the strength in psi of the original mortar.