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floor cleaning wipes

Floor Wipes Versus Mops

Wet floor wipes are a great new cleaning product being introduced into the Australian market. Considering the types of options available to clean floors these days, here is a comparison of floor wipes to more traditional cleaning methods. Let’s see if floor wipes make a difference!

What Are Floor Wipes?

Floor wipes are sections of cloth or other material that can be affixed to a broom or broom-like device to aid in the cleaning of floors. They can be used in conjunction with detergents and other products or can come in packs with this already included. This second type makes the floor wipes more convenient, as they need to be attached, used and disposed of. 

Floor Wipes Are Also Washable and Reusable 

Being able to apply your detergent allows you to try and increase your eco-friendliness by selecting environmentally friendly cleaning products. To further this endeavour, floor wipes also come in washable and reusable fabrics, instead of pre-packaged and disposable. 

More Hygenic than Mops

Floor wipes are also more hygienic than mops. Mops are difficult to ensure they are completely clean after use. Through the drying out process, bacteria grows in and on a mop. Unless sterilised before use, cleaning floors with a mop re-introduces bacteria to the floors. 

Mops Are Less Convenient

Mops are also much less convenient. To mop a floor with a traditional mop and bucket, you will first need to prepare the bucket and detergent then mop the floor. This takes longer to dry due to the amount of water used. Additionally, this also leaves the detergent on the floor unless a second mop is performed with clear water to try and rinse the floor. 

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Floor wipes are a better cleaning option than mops. This is because they are more convenient, hygienic, and provide the opportunity to be more environmentally friendly.