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first aid Kent

First Aid Basics Training In Kent

When providing medical care to a victim, you must be aware of the potential danger nearby. Ultimately, you need to protect yourself, so personal protective equipment such as gloves and eye protection are a must.

It is very possible that the emergency situation is in a dangerous location. Be aware of travel hazards, electrical damage, fire, fuel, and chemicals. You can also get more information about the best first aid in Kent via

 First Aid Basics Training In Kent

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Perhaps the greatest indicator of victims' medical needs is whether they are awake at the scene. Talk to the victim carefully, explain who you are, and always explain what you are going to do. Ask them to respond to your verbal communication. However, if that doesn't work, rub the knuckles gently against your body to see if they get mixed up. Do not move your upper body as this can injure your neck and spine.

Checking the victim's airway will depend on whether the victim is conscious or not. If they are aware, ask them to talk to you. If you can do this without problems, your airway will be clear. Of course, if they cannot speak, there is a chance that their airways will become blocked.

If you cannot feel or see breathing, it is time to start CPR immediately. Conversely, if the victim is still breathing, put him in a recovery position if it is safe to do so.