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dog licking mat

Dog Lick Mats: A Best Way to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Being a dog parent it is really hard for you to leave your dog alone at home for an hour. Nobody wants their furry friend to be bored or stressed, so here is a solution for this. Buying enrichment toys like treat dispensers and licking mats is the best way to keep your dog happy, entertained, and healthy while you are out of the home. You can also get the Sodapup Emats online and choose the best one according to your dog size. Sodapup lick mats encourage your pet to mindfully approach feeding and keep your dog engaged and alert. They have puppies lick mats and a variety of lick mats for aggressive chewer also.

Difficulty Level:

Sodapup provides you with the different levels of Emats for puppies as well as for aggressive chewers. They come with different levels of difficulty. 

They have various designs of lick mats like:

The bones design:  The pattern of the bone design licking mat is shallow and has greater spacing making it easier for dogs to lick the food out of the pattern.

Honey Comb Emats: This Emat has an intermediate level of difficulty. It comes in large as well as in small size and is easily cleanable. 

Jigsaw, Flower Power, and Zombie Emats: These Emats are more complex, not that much easy to clean. This takes longer licking times and the degree of difficulty is higher. 

These are the best options to wave goodbye to your pooch when you head off to your work. So, choose them wisely.