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How To Install a Composite Door

This section is just intended as a manual to aid an experienced tradesperson to execute an installment with help. At least two individuals are expected to execute the installation of their doorways, as some components are heavy. We don't accept any liability for incorrect or badly installed doorways. For more information about composite door installation then you may visit

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Inspect the doorway set before removing your current doorway to make sure: Your door would be the appropriate dimensions and opening (left/right & In or outside ) Locks & keys operate properly.

Check for any damage to the door or attachments which might have occurred in transit (Defects or damages must be reported within 3 days and before installation of the doorway ) Eliminate packaging and outside framework picture protection remove present door collection Eliminate present door setup opening Ensure door is in good shape, fixing any loose brickwork before installation. 


Cut fresh dill to size and paste cill finish caps to the end of the cill. Cill should be put on a fantastic mattress of adhesive and checked for the amount. (Utilize packers to a degree as demanded ) Lift your brand new door to the opening. (Do NOT eliminate door foliage from the framework, put in as you ) Open the door leaf to 90 levels and encourage. 

The doorway set has to be installed square and level to make sure it works properly. Wedge the door frame to the opening at a square and level place. The framework fixings must be no longer than 150mm from the top and underside and no longer than 600mm centers apart moving down the doorway.