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Indian Dances Can Treat The Diseases

The well-known Indian doctor and art therapist, Satyanarayana, claims that dancing not only has psychotherapeutic effects but also helps people with diabetes, high blood pressure and various forms of arthritis. Satyanarayana believes that rhythmic musical movements not only calm the nerves but also do exercises that help with illness.

For example, dancing is a must for diabetics. As shown by the observation of a group of diabetic patients in India, the amount of sugar in the blood decreased significantly as a result of regular dance exercises. Regular dancing is beneficial for people with high blood pressure. You can search for the top 10 famous dance forms in India for your workout.

Dance movements reduce blood pressure and have a positive impact on nerve processes in the body. Many experts believe that high blood pressure is the result of a number of complications in the nervous system. It is the body's specific response to persistent stress.

Chronic forms of hypertension are treated with special antihypertensive drugs, but the only way to reduce the risk of developing the disease at an early stage is through dancing. If we talk about dance styles, katkhak is the most suitable style for people with high blood pressure. This force activates the nervous system throughout the body.

Katkhak is a classical dance from northern India based on a rhythmic composition made by alternating movements of the left and right legs. Frogs usefully load the spine, due to which a large number of bends and half curves work out the cervical spine and lower back. This style is also suitable for people who have difficulty coordinating their movements or who have arthritis.