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What skin conditions do runners get on the feet?

Quite a few skin problems may affect the feet and quite a few systemic skin disorders that affect the whole body can be more serious in the feet mainly because of the use of shoes and especially the stresses that athletes put on their foot.


Blisters aren't unusual on the feet of runners. They are as a result of light rubbing from your running shoes on distinct locations which results in the skin cellular layers being split up. This could commonly be on the toes or even the back of the heel bone. Nearly all runners are very accustomed to blisters. The easiest way to take care of blisters would be to not get a blister to begin with. Ensure the athletic shoes fit properly and use a lubricant upon regions of higher rubbing. There are plenty of friction eliminating tapes or pads that runners can use in order to avoid blisters when they occur often. If a blister should occur, then make sure it is covered and padded to permit it to get better.

Corns and Callus:

Corns and calluses develop from to much force on an area. This typically is due to the shoes not fitting correctly or there's some deformity triggering higher load like a claw toe or bunion. Foot corns and calluses are relatively simple to take out. A skillful podiatrist can simply take them out with debridement. What's not too simple would be to prevent them re-occurring. Foot corns do not have roots which they come back from which the podiatric physician could not eliminate. It's really a prevalent misconception that corns have roots. Corns and calluses generally return in case the trigger is not eliminated and that cause will be the too much pressure around the region. This force might be relieved by, by way of example, surgery to take care of a claw toe or bunions. Foot orthotics might help minimize stress on the underside of the foot in case there are calluses there.