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Commercial Auto Insurance And Personal Auto Insurance

When you get an auto insurance quote, it's a good idea to determine in advance whether or not you need a personal auto insurance policy or a business auto insurance policy. 

Commercial auto insurance covers business owners for liabilities associated with owning and/or using a car for business purposes, even if those business purposes represent a very small percentage of the car's total use. 

If you own or run a business, and your car is used for anything within that business, then you probably need to purchase commercial car insurance online in Texas. Also, if you store or transport company or client possessions in the car, that's another case for commercial auto insurance coverage.

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Personal auto insurance covers the liabilities and accidents of people who drive their cars only for personal reasons and not for business purposes. If your car is used only for personal travel, including driving to and from work, or running personal errands, personal auto insurance is likely the right type of coverage for you.

Because your accident risk and potential related damage costs can change depending on whether you use a vehicle for business or personal reasons, or both. When you don't give your insurance company all the information they need to price your policy correctly, then you take away your ability to properly minimize your own risks.

As a result, they will deny claims if they find there were inaccuracies in your application for coverage. This may result in the termination or cancellation of your policy with a refund of premiums.