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All About Enamel Pendants

An enamel pendant is a pendant made of silver or gold that is painted with fire retardant paint. The painting process to make an enameled pendant is similar to that done on a ceramic surface. The paint used must be burnt after application to give the pendant a unique look. The enameling process is carried out in such a way that the color, liveliness, and luster of the jewelry is maintained for a long time.

Enamel can be made by mixing crushed glass into a colored oxide. Then it is applied to the prepared metal surface. The enamel locket is then placed in an oven which has a very high but controlled temperature. High temperatures melt glass and make it stick to metal surfaces. After that, the surface of the pendant which is now enameled is maintenance-free and does not require polishing.

This type of pendant is very popular because the contrast in the shades makes them look beautiful. Today people are even opting for pendants and enameled jewelry over traditional silver and gold jewelry for this reason. Traditional silver and gold pendants only have the metallic luster from which they are made, but enameled pendants have a metallic luster along with the hue of the enamel, which makes them even more brilliant.

Emailed pendants offer flexibility. They can also be worn as pendants on gold or silver chains and can be purchased as souvenirs or collectibles for certain occasions. There are three main types of enamel used in the jewelry industry. They include transparent, translucent, and opaque and are used to create different effects.