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Different Types Of Stone Benchtops

Although the living room is often called the family room or the family room it is the kitchen that hosts all the important conversations. After a long day, you'll go into the kitchen to grab a drink or eat a snack. You will then stay there without having to move or switch on the TV. It is the heartbeat of your home and therefore deserves more attention.

Granite benchtops rank among the top stone benchtops. Granite benchtops are naturally available in a variety of patterns. You can get beautiful stone kitchen tops at various smart stone showrooms.


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Limestone is a heat-resistant, soft stone benchtop. It is more susceptible to scratches and cuts than other stone benchtops. Consider these things before you choose a limestone benchtop.

Marble slabs are unique because they are natural stones. People who value decor more than functionality will prefer marble benchtops. Marble benchtops add class and elegance to any decor thanks to their distinctive veins and swirls. 

However, they are not as durable as other stone benchtops. They react to acids and food colorings like vinegar and turmeric. Your marble benchtop may lose its original color over time and may need polishing.

Once you have learned the differences between different types of stone benchtops the next step is to choose a fabricator. Don't make regrets about not deciding on a price for your hire. A low price does not guarantee quality service. You should conduct a market study and find a reputable and honest fabricator that can provide the best value for money.