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Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is The Ultimate Gadget

One of the most famous products from Apple is the multimedia iPhone. This amazing device has a multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard when needed. This Apple product functions as a portable media player, camera phone, and internet client. 

The 9 cm screen of this gadget is scratch-resistant and has a liquid crystal display. The screen is made for bare fingers or toes. The latest version of this phone has a flat layer that is fingerprint-resistant. The display of this gadget corresponds to 3 sensors – ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and 3-axis accelerometer. On the side, the iPhone has 3 switches: ringer on/off, volume up/down,- and wake/sleep. To get more about incredible phones visit

The switches were originally made of plastic, but the latest models are made of metal. The "Home" button calls up the main menu. The latest models of 3G and 3GS gadgets have an all-plastic back to increase the signal strength of the mobile phone. There is a slight limitation on color. The 3G model is available in white and black for 16 GB and only in black for 8 GB. Apart from storage capacity, the 3GS is available in black and white.

The 3G battery offers ten hours of 2G talk time, up to seven hours of video, 300 hours of standby time, six hours of internet surfing over Wi-Fi or five hours of 3G, 24 hours of music. Last but not least, the 3GS gadget can hold 30 hours of music, ten hours of video, twelve hours of 2G talk time, nine hours of WLAN, or five hours for 3G, 300 hours of standby time, five for 3G. However, all of them are provided by the Apple Company.