Rain Gutter Maintenance – Leaf Guard, Protective Screen

Maintenance of rain gutters is one of the most important home maintenance tasks to perform on the exterior of your property. Neglecting gutter maintenance can cause damage and costly repairs to the soffits, fascia, wall of the house (exterior and interior), roof decking surfaces and other structures around your property.

Rain gutters need to be cleaned more often if you have trees around your home or in the neighborhoods nearby. Blue Star Construction offers gutter and gutter protection  system installation services in Tennessee. During the fall, when all those trees start to fall their leaves, you may have to clean the drain several times.

Rain Gutter

Remember to do your final gutter and downspout maintenance / check-up at the end of the fall, when all the tree leaves have disappeared. The safest way to find out how your gutter is leaking out during rain is to check your flow.

If there's very little / no water discharging from them, or water is overflowing the gutter edges, you have a few possible problems:

  • The gutter or the downspout itself is clogged – requires cleaning

  • The gutter has a negative slope – away from the downspout, and needs to be repositioned to discharge water properly (1/4" slope per every 10 liner feet of the gutter will do)

  • Section of the gutter is sagging – that happens occasionally as a result of loose nails / screws / brackets holding the gutter in place