Learn More About Wedding Candle Favors

Many couples prefer to offer candles as wedding favors. It could be because the options for size, shape fragrance, color, and personalization are so wide which allows them to pick the ideal wedding candle that expresses their personality and feelings. You can even click this site https://www.misspoppydesignshop.com/products/personalised-bridal-proposal-candle to purchase Wedding candles online.

Things to consider when you’re giving a candle favor :

Customization options: Although the vast majority of these items aren’t customized, with some investigation, you will find some incredible customized alternatives. It can range from a personalization monogram or favors which can allow you to write a brief message. 

Some have even pictures to pick among (wedding doves, the symbolic symbol of religion champagne glasses, etc.) The personalized message is placed on the candle’s container (whether it’s a votive or a travel tin) and not on the candle itself.

Fun or Elegant: This depends on the persona that the pair. Some prefer a sophisticated appearance, while others would like to make smiles on their guests’ faces (think martini glass-shaped candles, golf ball-shaped candles, and so on.)

The scent and color some couples pick candles for their wedding favor in a color that complements their wedding’s color scheme. The majority of them are votive candles that are typically available in a range of shades. They can be bought plain or in a jar. A glass votive (which can be reused) makes a wonderful addition.

Like color, the scent is a personal preference that can be a significant factor in making your favor distinctively yours. Naturally, unscented is also an alternative.