Laser Teeth Whitening – Treatment, Cost And Benefits

Laser teeth whitening is also known as power whitening. It has been one of the most popular ways to fix discolored teeth.

The most popular way to whiten your teeth used to be to soak them in hydrogen peroxide, or another similar substance. This could be done at home or in a dental clinic. Go through this article completely to have more clarity on dental care.

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However, the process of whitening took several days to complete. Laser teeth whitening has gained popularity in recent years.

Laser whitening is faster and takes fewer sessions. It is much better to have the treatment performed by a professional than trying to do it yourself.

A dentist can assess the patient's teeth structure to recommend the best whitening procedure. Laser whitening is used to improve the process of whitening by interacting with the gel.

To protect their gums, a rubber dam is placed in the patient's mouth at the start of the procedure. A layer of neutral pH bleaching gel is then applied to the teeth.

Next, the gel for the treatment is applied. This activates the mineral accelerator contained within. This allows the whitening gel to convert into oxygen.

It covers the tooth's enamel, allowing the whitening gel to penetrate the lower levels of the tooth. Laser whitening can make your teeth look five to six shades whiter.