Grow Your Leadership Coaching Business

In this age of instant results and speed, leadership coaching is crucial. Ten years ago, it was considered unnecessary to coach a leader in the basics of leadership. This stuff is well-known, right? We live in an age where even the Wall Street Journal has a column called Executives on Trial. We are less likely than ever to blindly trust leaders because of poor leadership.

There are visible signs of leadership eroding everywhere you look these days. Like teachers, you can influence the future through your best job – business coaching. There are many ways to help in the world of leadership coaching.

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Here are some things to keep in mind before you start to build your niche as a coach leader.

1) Are your integrity and actions in line with your words? Are you keeping the promises you made to yourself? It's impossible to measure exactly, but it is easy to tell when it's missing.

2) Do your clients have a clear, focused plan to follow? No, you don't have to create a business plan or a workbook. However, you need a guideline that will help them navigate through the process.

3) Let's talk about leadership. While this is not the time to preach on the podium, you must have a clear purpose. Your brand of leadership coaching should have a clear purpose that defines you and your values.

These three simple leadership coaching strategies will help you improve your leadership coaching.