Fun Game Ideas At The Bowling Alley

Enjoy the scoring! Print Bingo cards that come with boxes with various possible outcomes of a bowling game and numbers from 1 to 10. Each bowler can mark off their bingo cards with the result. Make sure to make prizes for bowlers who have bingo.

Have fun while bowling. Each player should draw lots prior to their turn to decide the bowling posture. You can choose the best family fun bowling center from various online sources with little research.

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A few of the unorthodox bowling techniques include:

  • Bowling backwards (Turn your back away from the pins and then roll the ball between your legs)

  • Slow motion bowl

  • Dancing bowl (dance while you bowl)

  • Grandma bowl (bowl with a hunched back, like the grandma)

  • Tiptoe Bowl (walk on tiptoes until bowl)

  • Sit down in the bowl (sit down and then push it down the bowl)

  • Etc and so on… (the number of items goes on and on)

Note: Safety comes first, so make sure you don't injure yourself while performing silly poses.

Bowling Relay Race

Fastest team wins! Make use of two lanes adjacent to one another and divide the players into two teams. The first players in the teams will begin in sequential fashion by rolling their ball along the lanes. 

If a ball is returned to the player who took it, the next one will grab it, and roll it across the alley. The focus of the game isn't the accuracy of the throw or the number of pins hit, but the team that can get all its players to roll the ball the fastest down the aisle.

The time has come to form a team! Then, divide the players into teams consisting of two. The two teams take turns bowling the first one. The player who bowls first bowls first, and the second will go to the extra.