Exercise For Dementia Patients

Dementia is common in older people and affects memory, thinking, and other cognitive functions. People with dementia often have difficulty performing routine tasks such as driving, bathing, dressing, and doing household chores. 

Patients with dementia can improve their condition by following an exercise program recommended by a trained doctor. Exercise can include brisk walking, swimming, and aerobics. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and the formation of new brain cells. You can also learn more about games activities for dementia patients at https://gleaminyoureye.com/pages/conce.

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Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise helps improve your overall health, boosts hormones and the immune system, and increases blood flow to the brain. Depending on their fitness level, patients can start with ten to twenty minutes of aerobic exercise. The duration of the exercise can be increased gradually as the patient feels general well-being. Aerobic exercise may include jogging, cycling, swimming, or other physical activities that rejuvenate the patient's lungs and heart. However, vigorous aerobic exercise is not recommended for people with dementia who have had a previous stroke or who have been diagnosed with heart disease.

Resistance training and strength training:

Resistance training or strength training for people with dementia helps build lean muscle mass and increase metabolism. It helps control blood sugar levels, which is very important especially for those with diabetes. Diabetes can complicate existing dementia because high blood sugar is harmful to human tissues and cells. Patients can start with lighter ones and gradually move on to heavier options as the body develops lean muscle mass. You can train two to three times a week first and then increase the frequency.

Dementia is a disease that affects the normal functioning of the brain. It is important that the patient performs metallic exercises regularly in addition to exercising. Mental exercise can include solving riddles, riddles, or playing board games. Family and friends need to realize that love and affection are as important as exercise.