Everything You need to Know about Anal Fissure condition

Fissures and anal fistulas are painful growths in the genitals. Fistulas are an atypical progression from one body cavity to the next or from an internal hollow cavity up to the surface. 

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It could be the result of a wound that penetrates between the lungs and the skin or could be congenital and extend from the navel to the bladder or it could have formed as a result of an ulcer or abscess similar to a tooth socket that has spread to the appendix.

If the abscesses or wounds are filled with body fluids this slows down the process and stops healing. This leads to the formation of fistulas. In the case of an example, the development of an anal fistula could be triggered by swelling of the mucus liner in the rectum. 

Since it is always infected by feces and feces, this area is prone to abscesses. A fistula develops slowly on the skin around the anus. The treatment usually involves the procedure of draining the abscess through opening the channel of the fistula by performing the operation so the possibility of repeating.

However, anal fissures refer to the tear in the mucus liner of the anal canal that results from the passing of hard stool. Fissures can be painful during the passage of bowel movements, and they can cause bleeding with the passing of stool. The Anus can be described as the ring-like sphincter valve that is located at the end of the rectum.