Do You Know Why Do Boxers Wear Head Guards?

Why should you choose a boxing head guard? If you enjoy boxing, then boxing safely is probably your highest priority. It’s reported that over 90% of boxers will get a concussion. Even amateur boxers get concussions, and youth are more at risk for concussions.

With repeated concussions, some boxers can develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), also known as boxer’s brain. Before any training, It would be most important to look for the best fitness equipment (Which is also called ‘ Equipo de entrenamiento ’ in Spanish) to avoid any kind of mishap during training.

It’s a serious complication of repeated concussions that can lead to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and dementia. While boxing head guards don’t protect you from concussions or brain injuries, many boxers do protect themselves to choose to wear them to protect themselves from facial bruises and lacerations. 

Many beginners will choose to wear a head guard to protect themselves as they learn the nuances of boxing. Seasoned boxers will wear a head guard to help them focus on the sport, and not be distracted by potential head injuries.

Professional Boxing Headgear vs. Amateur Boxing Headgear

Professional boxers don’t always wear head guards. In fact, the Olympics don’t require head guards for male boxers. Head guards can help protect boxers from lacerations, broken noses, and general facial trauma. However, some experts believe that head guards provide a false sense of security since they don’t protect the boxer from concussions.

Head Guard Size Chart

While each head guard may have its own sizing chart, in general, your size will fall into the following categories:

  • Small 19.5-20.5 Inches / 49.5-52.0 CM Circumference

  • Medium 21-22 Inches / 53.3-56 CM Circumference

  • Large 22.5-23 Inches / 57-58.5 CM Circumference

  • X-Large 23.5-24 Inches / 59.7-61 CM Circumference