Buying a mountain bike – local or online?


Service – best if you buy a mountain bike from a local bike shop. There are even two services, the service you get when you buy and customer service.

Your local bike shop can help you with whatever you need or want for your bike. Your service provider will help you decide what you need for your bike. If you are looking for the best information about professional e-bike occasion then Speed-e is the best option for you.

Buying a mountain bike - local or online?

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However, the biggest downside to buying a mountain bike from your local bike shop is that service providers, especially business owners, will say what you want to hear to increase sales, which is certainly not in your best interest.

Free service

This is often offered as customer service. Most local bike shops offer 2 months of free service (or similar) for your newly purchased bicycle. This service is essential to tighten the cables that are most likely to stretch the first time you use them and to make sure your machine is working properly.


On the other hand, Choice is the huge advantage you can get when buying a mountain bike online. You can find the bike of your choice anywhere online.


This is another big advantage you can get when buying mountain bikes online. Online mountain bike shops can only be reached by phone or email and you can send bikes straight to your door.


Most online bike shops do not have to pay additional fees such as shop rental and utility staff, so they can offer a wider selection of bikes at lower prices.