Buy Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

For those of us who own dogs, especially city dwellers, there is a common problem we all face daily. Disposal of dog waste is not only a prerequisite for responsible breeding, it is also a legal requirement in many cities.

The idea of putting something 100% biodegradable in a plastic bag doesn't seem so good for the planet. Some plastic bags take up to 100 years to decompose, which is not a solution. 

Of course, taking out the trash and flushing the toilet is the best solution, but modern life often doesn't give us that luxury. There is no reason to dump biodegradable waste in our overcrowded landfills. The solution is a biodegradable dog litter bag. You can buy dog waste bags in bulk & dog pooper scooper with bags attached from various online sources.

The green movement has finally reached the gut movement, and now green manufacturers are making completely biodegradable bags that look, feel, and function like traditional plastic. These bags do not contain polyethylene, a common ingredient in real plastic bags.

Instead of making bags from virtually non-biodegradable polyethylene, green innovators are making biodegradable dog waste bags from cornstarch. This new bag solves the problem of recycling traditional plastic bags and offers new possibilities.

Dog owners now have several options for disposing of their poop. Garbage and bags can now be used in backyard compost piles, where they will naturally biodegrade. It can be buried where the bag and its waste will be eaten by microorganisms.

Garbage can also be left for removal if your community has a choice, many do this, and others offer options to its residents. If yours isn't already, contact your local government official and ask when onboard composting might be available.